Quit Your Job to Become a Boss?? How to start a business with little to no money.

I mean the title kinda speaks for itself , but I bet you can imagine how many people actually have enough BALLS to do it. Working 40 hours or more a week at a low-paying, dead end job can be ; to say the least monotonous. In other ways you could almost feel trapped and so boxed in that you actually fall into the routine of settling and never EVERRR leave! Sounds scary right ? Picturing myself working for someone else for the rest of my life almost feels like a horror film. But seriously , is it possible to break the cycle of the average low income or Blue Collar lifestyle?? In my years of in-depth research of the “Perfect Get Rich Strategy” , I’ve noticed one common thing…… TIME IS MONEY. Yes the old wise saying is definitely true when trying to find your niche as an entrepreneur. The current times of “Instant Gratification” is perfect for new comers to find small niches and make a lucrative business. So many people want anything that’s trending or convenient for them. So there you have it ; Find a niche, Create a pitch and start selling !—Right? Well it definitely sounds simple when you put it that way but its a little more than that.

Here’s a couple steps that’ll help you start you journey to Entrepreneurship :

  • Stay Focused on your goals and dreams!
  • Write everything down
  • Create your website using word press, Squarespace, Wix, or shopify (most are free to sign up for)
  • Promote on All Social Media Platforms


If you’re interested in more in depth information please be sure to be on the look out my new videos on YouTube ( YouTube.com/Rettajay) there you will find a ton of fun videos that will help you understand how money works and how you can be apart of the mix .


Post by Almaretta Jordan (@RettaJay)


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