Top 4 signs that it’s time to quit your job !

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We all have had a time where we were at our complete wits end with a certain job . Many would advise to stick it out until things get better or to just simply leave. I, myself have never been afraid to take a leap of faith and leave a place that’s making me unhappy. When I think of a career I want , I think of working and not feeling like I’m actually working. Unlike our parents, millennial’s are taking life by the balls and saying F*ck the 9-5 system of the past. There are more young entrepreneurs than ever! So when is it really time to quit your job? Read more to see the top 4 sign that it’s time to quit your job!

You are always exhausted 😩

Whenever you are at a place of employment that is literally sucking the life out you chances are, you are exhausted! Working long hours without a great return or doing the work of two or more people because the lack of staff can cause you to become burned out. I have definitely experienced this feeling and it really made it difficult to be motivated about going to work . I felt my customer service plummeting and overall professional barring leaving me with every hour passing . I can’t fake smile at another supervisor anymore! I’m ready to Go! Aside from the diminished morale of being exhausted your physical health can be at risk as well. It’s difficult to practice efficient self care methods when all you want to do is crawl in your bed for a couple of ….Days! If you feel this way mentioned above it’s time to quit your job !

You feel stuck

If you have been employed at a place for a number of years and haven’t received a raise or promotion it could feel a little frustrating. Naturally you want to feel like your hard work and efforts are being recognized. So anytime you feel like you can’t get anywhere with your current job it’s time to pack up and go ! Don’t be afraid to take your talents elsewhere. You deserve that raise, you deserve that award, and they need to give you a new office too ! Life is too short for you to be unhappy running around and not going anywhere. If you feel like your job has you stuck its time to quit your job!

The thought of being there makes you SICK 😷

OMG! I can not tell you how many times I have felt this way about my job . I would sit on the side of the bed (for at least an hour) and contemplate on how I can call out of work . Even when I would be there I would try to think of ways to leave early .

If you ever felt sick with the thought even clocking in …. it’s time to quit your job!

Because God said so !

I saved the best for last ! This sign is my absolute favorite because it’s the one you need to trust in the most. I believe God puts us in the most uncomfortable situations to prepare us for the Journey we are about to embark on. If you prayed about your worries you better believe that the Lord has already made a way for you to be right where you need to be . A wise woman once said “Be still until the Lord says move!” And that stuck with me . If you have prayed and have the courage in your heart and your faith in the lord it’s okay to quit your job ❤️

Peace and love family! If you made it to this point on my post thank you for reading. I really hope you enjoyed the content. Now I ask you this, have you ever quit your job ? Was the process difficult or easy? Share your experience down below !🙏🏾❤️

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