Stop Being Afraid to Start

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Think of this as a little motivation for anyone that has been wanting to do something but is just too afraid.

Like many people I have anxiety. I think and overthink things then eventually doubt everything. I’m too afraid to start my goals just off of the fear of failing. I will envision my goals , create daily affirmations, and even ask the lord for guidance just to stop before I get started.

Reevaluating my “why”.

Understanding the reasons behind what I’m doing and ultimately taking myself out of the equation is actually what is helping me suppress those “what if” thoughts . Thinking of my husband and my daughter and what type of life I want for them is been motivating me to step out of my comfort zone and try for them . Even if I fail I know that I will have the support from them to try a plan b. Thinking about why you wrote those goals down in the first place will help you form tunnel vision. No outside distractions or negative thoughts could stop you. Only think about finishing what you started.

Get spiritually aligned.

We always ask the Lord for the blessing of elevation but are we strong enough to endure all that comes with the responsibility? Continue to not only pray for elevation of your situation but ask for guidance and strength as well . Be thankful for every trial and tribulation that you had to go through before this point in your life and take what you learn and apply it to a new circumstance. Remember that every failure that you go through it’s not the end of your chapter but just a piece of your testimony.

Become more organized and Intentional.

Calendars, planners, and decluttering that space so you can finally have your home office. All of these practices and tools help you become more organized. When you set those dates and write down those daily tasks to complete, you are then becoming intentional. You are making your thoughts into actions. For the new year let’s have more a “Do more, talk less” approach to our goals .

So in closing, this post was high-key written for myself 😅 . It was almost like writing in my diary . I have so much planned for this year and I hope I’m able to stand fast and stay focused to complete each goal. I don’t want to let negative thoughts (or criticism) make me re-evaluate what I want for myself and my future . Thank you to whoever made it this far in the post. . Like always this post is open for any add-ons and comments. What are some of your goals for the new year. Any special prayers or daily affirmations you would like to share ? Peace and love to everyone . Thank you!❤️

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  1. Jashlyn

    Love this post! I too am scared to start but I am trying to push forward. I don’t know why I am scared to do something that I practically already do on my social media anyways. I just hope I continue to keep pushing forward and don’t let my anxiety get the best of me! Great read🤗

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