Things I’ve Learned since I had a baby.

Actual Pregnancy tests that I took when I suspected I was pregnant.

Nothing ever goes as planned. So just go with the flow….

Before the birth of my daughter, I thought that if I read enough baby books I would be prepared for her arrival . I literally tried to plan out every single detail of her birth . I tried to mentally prepare myself for the moment where I would be holding my first child. My husband and I originally planned a home water birth . I wanted it to be super “Mother Earth-ish” . Just Me , my husband and a Douala (if the price was right) . Money was extremely tight during my pregnancy. We were trying to find any way to save money(even if that meant birthing our own child).

I was also petrified of giving birth at a hospital because of the mishaps I read about on the internet pertaining to black women and their babies. I read that the death rate for a black woman giving birth in a hospital was significantly higher than it was for our white counterparts. Just the thought of me losing my life or this little human inside of me skyrocketed my anxiety.

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Me and my bun in the oven 😂❤️

Fast forward to the month of her arrival all of my plans started to crumble. Everything that I had been planning since I found out I was pregnant was being wiped away. My husband’s company had him gone for days at a time and it started to look like I was going to be having my baby by myself. Praying for guidance, I asked the Lord to please keep me and my baby safe if I have to give birth in a hospital. I eventually ditched the water birth idea and called my local hospital to get a hospital tour. I let them know that my baby would be due on the 25th day of July. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. They weren’t judgmental about my previous birthing plan, they just wanted to help me have a smooth experience.

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With my new doctor in line and ready for my frantic call of “I think it’s time !”. I anxiously waited for the 25th to get her…………..

Where the heck is my baby?! On her due date date there was no action! No crazy contractions, no big mucous plug, no blood ! Nothing! I drove to the doctors office and asked the doctor him how much longer would I have to wait. I’m almost 200 pounds and I’m always hot ! I want this baby out of me ! He checked my cervix and told me that I was only 3 cm dilated and that I would have to be induced. Now things are getting kind of scary. They gave me a new due date (which was the 29th) and told me what would happen when I got induced.

This is the stage where if anything fell on the floor it was just gonna have to stay there!

Fast forward (again) ! I ended up having really strong contractions two days before my induction. My husband and I decided to wait until I couldn’t bare it any longer. I labored at home for nearly 6 hours. My husband and then roommate drove me to the hospital where I would do another 16 hours of labor until I had to get an emergency C section.

The control I thought I was going to have as a parent was unrealistic. I’m learning that being a mom has no set schedules. Sometimes that sh*t is chaotic and unorganized AF. Everything is new ! My daughter and I are learning new things about each other everyday and we adapt accordingly. No child is alike and every mom story isn’t the same. So don’t try to box your thinking into one realm . I learned more by just experiencing than I did by reading a baby book or mom blog.

Fun Fact : My sister and I had our babies on the same day !

My sister and I at my baby shower
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Here’s My little booger! The coolest 5 month old EVER!

If you got this far thank you for reading my post! You’re Awesome! What have you learned since becoming a parent?

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