3 Reasons Why You Should Work From Home

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There are many valid reasons anyone would rather work from home. In this post I’ll give my personal take on 3 good reasons to ditch the old way of earning income. My main reason for wanting to work from home was Family and flexibility.

I was first introduced to the idea of working from home while I was on lunch break at my job. I had just got married and was very frustrated with my work schedule. With my husband being in the military, his only off days were the weekend. It just so happened that my new work schedule was filled with me working the majority of the weekends for the month. I needed more flexibility with my time to be able to give attention to my fresh marriage and also make money.

When I actively started to scout out work from home jobs I did not get hired right off the bat. I settled for small gigs like http://Surveyjunkey.com and http://Opinionoutpost.com for awhile, until I understood what online companies were looking for. The money that I got from surveys was definitely not enough to supplement an income. The thought of knowing that I can do this whenever I want, sparked something inside of me. Which brings me to my first reason as to why you should start working from home….. Flexibility.

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You Can Create Your Own Time Schedule.

Being able to work with your own schedule creates flexibility for you to work on other projects as well. You’re not totally obligated to one set of hours. This is extremely useful to a stay at home spouse, or parent. Kids are unpredictable and no matter the job your family comes first. Aside from family needs , working any job can be tiring . You ever just wanted to stop working in the middle of a shift and take a nap? Well when you work from home that’s an option!

With large amounts of freedom also comes more responsibility and discipline. By having control over your schedule you have to be able to have enough discipline to actually get work done. There’s no nagging boss telling you what to do. You’re the boss now and that old saying stands true….. Time is Money !

There is More Opportunity For Growth.

Often times when you’re employed in an ordinary brick and mortar business it takes years for the employer to recognize the hard work from their employees. Depending on your line of work you would have to work day in and day out for at least 5-10 years before your first promotion! When you work from home you have room to work on more than one project which means more opportunity for career development.

There are many successful people that work from home that have side businesses such as online stores, YouTube, Niche websites, and sponsored social media platforms. With all these different revenues of passive income coming in, it’s very easy to climb up your own career ladder and really make stack up your coins!

Less Stress and More Productivity

This is personally a big one for me. At my last place of employment working would be so stressful because of short staff. Being in the medical field and not having enough staff to ensure all patients are taken care of is not a good feeling. It never feels good to leave a patient feeling neglected or rushed. Just because you are quickly moving from patient to patient doesn’t necessarily mean you are being efficient at giving care.

Since I started working from home those stresses are not lodged in the back of my mind, weighing me down. I am able to productively write valuable content on this blog and effectively work on my other endeavors in peace. You may also feel less pressure from a boss by working from home. The act of Miro-Management is stressful and a bit annoying . You are able to do your job in the comfort of your own home without having someone breathing down your neck all the time.

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