Finding Personal Time As A New Mom.

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

I say time and time again, being a mom is the most beautiful experience I’ve ever had. I don’t think there’s any parent on earth that can withstand being on mom mode 100 percent of the time. Being a new mom is exhausting. I’m learning so many new things from parenting books, YouTube, mom blogs and pure experience. It’s a lot to take in and a lot of time that used to be mine belongs to my baby.

I always feel like I’m serving someone, feeding someone, or cleaning something up. It’s time to declare some much needed me time. A time where I’m no one’s mom or wife but just myself. I want to go to the movies alone, go shopping alone, go to a restaurant (preferably Mexican) Alone. I would like to have a few hours to take a bubble bath without hearing any crying or any loud noises. Just me by myself.

Duh, I love my family. They are the reason I BREATHE! I just haven’t had much time to pamper myself. I read a blog post from a stay at mom of 5 (Geez) she said she hadn’t gone to a hair salon in 3 years. That stuck out to me. Something as simple as a trip to the salon gets almost completely erased when you’re living that mom-life. I don’t want it to be like that for me. I think the best way to go about getting some “me time” from your partner is through communication. You can’t go on living day to day exhausted and not say anything or do anything to change your situation.

Learn to ask for help and actually accept it.

When things are becoming overwhelming for you to ask your partner or a family member for help. It takes a village to help raise a child. You can’t do it alone all the time. Take advantage of your support group. Have someone make dinner or watch the baby so you can shower. Often as new moms, we are afraid of anyone watching our little humans. I will use myself as an example, my friends would always offer to help with my little one but, I would decline because deep down I was afraid to be away from her. Anxiety would always creep up on me and in my head would be a thousand and one questions concerning my decisions. Sleep deprivation later swayed my answer when asked in the future. Having my husband make bottles and occasionally change her helped me out a lot as well.

Learn to appreciate small moments of solitude.

Whether the babies are asleep or you’re in the bathroom doing your business. That solitude is important and that thinking time adds up. Anytime that I find myself in a bit of peace, I try to use that time to pray, write in my journal or catch up on missed emails for work. Even if it’s only 10 mins, I’m grateful. I TRY to stay productive. Sometimes I’m super successful and well, other times I nap!

Being a new mom is a JOB and everyone needs an off day from time to time. Never let anxiety or other people’s opinion stop you from doing things that you enjoy. The activities that you were doing before you became a parent doesn’t have to stop, you just have to schedule your fun times now. You are doing a great job! Now go have fun orrrrrr take a nap! You deserve it!

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