Diary of a SAHM Vol.1

The term “late nights and early mornings” did not apply to me at all today. My husband and I stayed up till about 4 am strategizing side hustles and business ideas. Our little one woke up in agony around 1 am crying because of her top teeth cutting through her gums. Teething process is so painful for her to experience and even more painful for me to witness. As her wailing continued to get louder her father decided to change her and comfort her. That wasn’t enough so I started to scramble to find her gum massage gel and her baby Motrin. Of course I couldn’t find what I needed when I needed it. The universe was just not in our favor at the moment. I thought quickly and decided to use an old wives method which was benzocaine (diluted of course) . I was able to find that and grabbed a wet paper towel (I could not find any Q-tips) and began to massages her gums. I took her from her dad and continued to soothe her. She started to calm down I then gave her a teething cracker and aided her back to sleep. I was determined to finish another blog post before I closed my eyes but the sand man got the better of me. I did not clean up the tornado I created to find the medicine and I did not clean the kitchen at night like I normally would. When morning arrived I completely ignored my 6:30 am alarm and decided to snooze instead. I intended to sleep for another hour but instead stay for an extra FIVE ! Yes people, I was in a mini coma ! My daughter woke me up by pulling the covers off of my head and smacking me in my face to play peek-a-boo. I staggered to the bathroom and started our morning routine. It started of quite rocky but we are on track now!

The beast I had to tackle 😖

So mamas and papas …. how was your morning? Anything challenges or accomplishments today? Comment funny mornings with your family . Everyone have a blessed day! 🌼

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