How TikTok Brightened Everyone’s Quarantine:

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Since COVID -19 made its appearance the expectations for the summer of 2020 seemed quite bleak. Many people from all around the world shut down at the beginning of the year for an official quarantine. While many decided to take this time at home to spend with family and work on new hobbies, I decided to take a gander at the new app TikTok. This video app has made great strides in the US by letting millions of creatives use the platform to share common interests. I have learned so many different tips and hacks for everything from what to buy on amazon to how to clean candle wax from carpet. (Pssst, You use an Iron!)

TikTok is most popular for the different dance crazes that emerge on the platform. No matter how many times I practice the Savage dance I just can’t get it together! Though, I don’t post dances I have taken the time to record my cute Pit-bull “King Cornelius” and Everyone loved him. I managed to get over 150 views and 16 likes on his video. Aside from that, I have really found joy from the content I find on the app. So much that I decided to create compilations of my favorite videos for everyone to see!

I created a YouTube channel specifically dedicated to compilation videos of all categories for people that are like me and enjoy watching a variety of videos without having to scroll. I have already made two videos so please check them out and subscribe to see more content like it!

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This is a compilation of a few spooky videos that really creep me out! I enjoy horror films so I decided to put this together. Do not watch this at night if you get scared easily consider this your final warning! *Click at your own risk*

This was the very first video I created. I enjoy makeup tutorials and enjoyed these bizarre makeup looks. Like and share this video if you enjoy it as well!

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