Baby sleeping too much? 4 reasons why.

A sleeping baby is often thought of as a perk but is sleeping too much a healthy thing. Many questions concerning the baby’s sudden change in sleep patterns can cause a scare for any new parent.
When my little one had a difference in her sleep patterns it was often due to 1 of 4 reasons.
So what’s the reason for the baby’s sudden tiredness? Why is your baby sleeping so much? Keep reading for my 4 common reasons!

Baby is having a growth spurt

A growth spurt is an occurrence of growing quickly and suddenly in a short period of time. Growth spurts are usually the number one reason for your little one keeping the snooze button on a little longer than usual. growth spurts can happen anytime during the first year.

The most common times that your baby will endure a spurt is between:
1 and 3 weeks old
6 and 8 weeks old
3 months
6 months
9 months
A baby’s growth spurt usually lasts a few days and their sleepy spells should surpass soon.

Baby is Now Teething.

Teething is definitely the enemy of a mom’s “Perfect sleep schedule “. Often times when your baby is experiencing teething they are often very irritable and frustrated with this new sense of pain. Some moms have shared that their baby will completely skip naps throughout the day and sleep in late. While others have shared the complete opposite. My daughter slept all day and stayed up and cried most of the night with her first teething experience. If your little one is experiencing this be sure to keep teething rings in the freezer to help ease your baby’s pain. Baby Motrin and Gum massages are also a big help as well.

Baby is Overstimulated.

When your baby has played a lot or been around a lot of people it can be exhausting! Taking more naps in the day because of overstimulation is normal. Let your little one rest to recharge and they will be bouncing around like before!

Baby Might be Sick.

If the baby is extra drowsy and fussy due to discomfort your little one may be sick. Be sure to check your baby’s temperature to check for a fever. Also, be sure to check for mucous in the chest. If the temperature reaches above 104 please call the pediatrician.

What to do while your baby is Awake?

Keep baby engaged in learning new activities. Read and sing to your little one. Go outside to let them feel the fresh air and warm sun. While walking outside explain the different things that the two of you see. Doing these things will help expand their vocabulary along with building their cognitive skills.

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