6 Positive Things To Say To Your Kids Every Day. Key to Building Confidence

6 positive things to say to your kids everyday.

I know some parents believe that because they take care of their kids with necessities that they are okay. Children need positive affirmations and reassurance just as much as adults do. Reminding your child how much they are loved and important will help build confidence that will help take them far in their adulthood.

Kids who feel good about themselves have the confidence to try new things. Self-esteem matters early because it helps children try their best and cope with their mistakes as they are learning.

Kids with low self esteem:

Lack confidence

Are unsure of themselves

Self critical

Think of their failures more than their successes

When do you say Positive Affirmations to your Child?

All the time! The earlier the better. I like to start with positive energy early in the morning. I say them during the day when my little one is learning something new. And lastly right before bed. Giving that constant reassurance will help her remember how much worth she holds.

As babies become toddlers and young children, they’re able to do some things all by themselves. They feel good about themselves when they can use their new skills. Their self-esteem grows when parents pay attention, let a child try, give smiles, and show they’re proud.

Self-esteem is known to start as early as babyhood. It usually develops slowly over time. It starts when a child feels safe, loved, and accepted. All they need is extra attention and loving care.

So continue giving that extra affection and know that those seeds being planted are helping to bloom beautiful flowers.

What are your favorite positive affirmations for your baby? Thank you for reading!

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