Hospital Birth Vs. Home Birth: Best Option During The Pandemic.

Last Updated on 10/01/2020

Being pregnant during a pandemic as large as the Coronavirus can be scary. Women with low-risk pregnancies have a choice between an at-home birth or a birthing center. But the virus and the disease it causes, COVID-19 creates additional concerns. The most important concern in all of this is the health of the woman and the baby. So, what is the best option? Is it safe to go to prenatal appointments or even to breastfeed?

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of both ideas of a Homebirth vs. a Hospital birth.

The Home Birth:
It is a known fact that Home births were the norm for centuries before hospital births were even thought of. According to the American Pregnancy Association, This option involves the participation of trained midwives or nurse-midwives in cases of low-risk, healthy pregnancies. As interest in home birth increases, the number of studies will continue to grow to provide us with a greater understanding of the related risks and benefits.

Most women choose to have home births when they are :
-Healthy and have a low-risk pregnancy
-Want to avoid medical interventions such as C-sections, Epidurals, and episiotomy.
-Want the freedom to move around during labor (some hospitals have restrictions in their policies)

There are many health benefits linked to home births such as fewer maternal interventions, lower risk of maternal infection, and third- or fourth-degree lacerations and tears.

The Cons of Home Births:

Homebirth risks include fewer options for pain control, the possibility of needing hospital transport in case of complications, and increased risk of perinatal death.

The Hospital Birth:

Hospital births are the most popular places to give birth. This choice is best for women who have high-risk pregnancies. Hospital births are also considered the safest option for giving birth. In hospitals, There are a lot more professional staff to help you if your birth gets complicated.
If you need a cesarean section (like I did) the hospital the only place you can have one. You will not have to be transferred mid-labor like you would If you were at home. You would just have to move from your birthing room to the operating room.
Hospitals also have a plethora of advanced technology that is needed to better monitor the health of you and your baby. Anesthesiologists on staff are available to provide pain relief medications when you request, from epidurals to narcotics.

Cons of a Hospital Birth:

No solid food during labor, water birth is not at option at most hospitals, and Different Nurses rotating during your visit.

The healthiest option for giving birth during the pandemic:

The most important concern is the health of your baby during a pandemic as large as the Coronavirus. The CDC and most healthcare professionals suggest that giving birth inside a hospital is the best option at this moment.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are not able to give birth at a facility, please call 911 for the assistance of a healthcare professional such as an EMT. They will ensure the optimal health of you and your baby. They will also escort you to the nearest hospital for extra assistance.

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