Late night thoughts: Mom can’t sleep. #VentSession

It’s currently midnight. I have already put up the food, cleaned the kitchen, and put the little one to bed. Tomorrow is laundry day and my mind is telling me that since I’m still awake I should probably get started on it a little early. Sometimes I feel guilty for taking breaks…

My husband works 12-14 hour shifts so I try to match his hours while I tend the house. He says that he doesn’t care about things like that and appreciates everything I already do but I am often self critical.

I am happy that we are together. Marriage is fun but challenging in some ways. I’ve learned that it takes maximum effort from both sides to make it worth your while. It also helps when you are kind to one another. Petty arguments are pointless and don’t resolve real issues. Communicating extends the length of relationships because both of you are able to voice your needs. I feel like we are now both putting in effort.

If it sounds like I’m rambling it’s because I actually am ! I rarely make posts like these. But it always feel good to vent in some form. I am often up late at night pacing around my bedroom alone talking to myself. Constantly trying to decipher thoughts on my own. So if you made it this far Thanks for tuning into my Ted Talk lol 😆.

I know it’s been awhile since I made any “Diary of a SAHM” posts . I have been working hard to make it a digital series for you guys to watch. I’ve had a couple DMs on social media suggesting I start vlogging. It’s something that I’ve thought about in the past but was honestly too afraid to do. That way if thinking is slowly changing and I will be creating some visual content for you guys soon . Thank you for supporting me!

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