3 Easy Ways to not feel lonely as a mom

Join a local mom group on Facebook.

Searching for mom groups are a great way to connect with other moms. Many moms will ask and answer questions to help lessen the stress of parenting. The perks of finding a local mom group are being able to set up play dates for your little ones and finding a new friend in the process.

Be cautious of the information you put out and never give your address to strangers. Always meet in a public place and tell your loved ones your whereabouts just in case things get fishy.

Call your old friends/ Coworkers

Your old friends miss you just as much as you miss them! Reach out to some of your old buddies and see if they could come over to hangout. Friends with children are always a great choice because all of the kids can have a play-date while you catch up on some much-needed adult conversion.

Go where other moms go!

Moms often take their children to the same places as other moms. Whether it be a park, public pool, or recreation center you could definitely find a friendly mom to converse with.

If you begin going to those places often you will begin seeing familiar faces. Over time you get acquainted with those people and start making friends. With those friendly connections, you could set up play dates for the children and have a new friend to sit with while the children play.

I hope these tips will help you mommies out there not feel so lonely. As a stay at home mom I am apart of a ton of mom groups and have friends with children on speed dial. It feels good to be around people that understand the real stresses of motherhood. What are some ways that help you not feel lonely?

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